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    Henry Agallar is Brazilian jiu-jitsu and No-Gi grappling expert with over a decade of experience as a martial arts instructor. He is also well-known for his work as a high school wrestling coach. Agallar has instructed aspiring mixed martial arts fighters and regular folks who wish to use martial arts to gain self-assurance and become in shape. Agallar is noted for his firm conviction that martial arts can help people of all ages and fitness levels grow more robust and more disciplined on all levels.


    Henry Agallar, a coach who works with clients to improve their overall fitness, understands how intimidating it might be to begin training as a white belt in a martial art. Agallar's philosophy is to work with students at their current level, teaching them the fundamentals they'll need to advance rapidly in their martial arts careers. It doesn't matter if it's a client's first time working out in martial arts or not; when they step into a training session with Agallar, they feel right at home.


    Clients of Agallar are assisted in developing ambitious yet realistic objectives. Agallar continually reassesses the progress of its clients and pupils as they achieve and surpass their goals, creating new plans to help them continue to grow and develop. While many students and clients view reaching the next belt as the ultimate objective, Agallar helps them break it down into smaller tasks that need to be achieved before going forward to the next belt, thereby boosting their confidence as they progress. He encourages his customers and students to remain on the cusp of their limitations to help them reach their full potential.

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