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    Henry Agallar is a martial arts coach with over a decade of experience who specializes in Brazilian jiujutsu and NoGi grappling. He is also a well-known high school wrestling coach. Agallar has coached both aspiring MMA fighters and everyday people who want to use martial arts to boost their confidence and fitness. Agallar is well-known for his belief that martial arts can help people of all ages and fitness levels develop strength and discipline in both the mind and the body.


    As a coach, Henry Agallar works with clients to help them improve all aspects of their fitness, and he understands how intimidating it can be to begin with a white belt in a martial arts setting. Agallar believes in meeting clients where they are and assisting them in developing the fundamental skills necessary to succeed at a high level in martial arts. When clients walk into an Agallar training session, they are made to feel at ease, even if it is their first time participating in a martial arts workout.


    Agallar assists clients in developing realistic, challenging, and attainable goals. Agallar reevaluates clients' and students' progress on a regular basis, setting new goals to help them move forward as they meet and exceed their goals. While many clients consider the next belt to be the ultimate goal, Agallar helps clients break down smaller steps that must be completed before moving on to the next belt, allowing clients and students to grow in confidence as they progress through the ranks. He believes in pushing clients and students just outside of their comfort zones to the next level of achievement.

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